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Table 1 Substantial differences between health fiscalogy and health economics

From: Dilemma of healthcare reform and invention of new discipline of health fiscalogy

Items Health economics Health fiscalogy
Historical origin Historical product of modern society Concomitant of society with long history
Discipline Branch discipline of economics Public economics and public finance
Nature of policy Policy of economics and market Public policy and social policy
Objective of policy Economic efficiency and making profit Social equity and health equity
Disciplinary level Micro and mid level Macro and strategic
Theoretical basis Economics and market competition Governmental responsibility and social rights
View of research Resource allocation and market distribution Resource allocation and government distribution
Nature of questions Economic questions Political and social questions
Research topics Market mechanism and economic efficiency Governmental responsibility and social equity
Behavior subjects Market sector Government, Non-profit organizations
Research subjects Market economy and relationship between supply and need Governmental decision and public policy
Analysis unit Individual behavior and preference Collective behavior and public choice
Research scope Whole process of manufacturing, transportation and consumption Income, budget, implementation, supervision
Role of government Insignificant and secondary Dominant and key
Role of market Core and decisive Insignificant and secondary
The third sector Civil society and philanthropy Important factors and other supplementary roles
Research method Model and econometrics Public policy analysis and comparison
Research team Mainly economists Experts on politics and public management
Function Economic analysis and model building Public finance and budget management
Effects Economic efficiency and economic welfare Social equity and health equity