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Table 1 Searching strategy

From: Health system strengthening and hypertension management in China

(((((Humans[Mesh]) AND Hypertension[Mesh]) AND China[Tiab]) AND (Case Reports[Publication Type] OR Observational Study[Publication Type] OR Randomized Controlled Trial[Publication Type] OR Comparative Study[Publication Type] OR Evaluation Studies[Publication Type] OR Meta-Analysis[Publication Type] OR Classical Article [Publication Type] OR Corrected and Republished Article[Publication Type] OR Support of Research[Publication Type] OR Health Surveys[Mesh] OR Health Services Research[Mesh])) AND (Delivery of Health Care, Integrated[Mesh] OR Delivery of Health Care[Mesh] OR Health Services Accessibility[Mesh] OR Primary Health Care[Mesh] OR Drug Utilization Review[Mesh] OR Program Evaluation[Mesh] OR Diagnosis[Mesh] OR Self Care[Mesh] OR Health Education[Mesh] OR Equipment and Supplies[Mesh] OR Health Facilities[Mesh] OR Pharmacy[Mesh] OR Pharmaceutical Services[Mesh] OR Health Manpower[Mesh] OR Attitude of Health Personnel[Mesh] OR Health Information Systems[Mesh] OR Health Information Management[Mesh] OR Guideline [Publication Type] OR Healthcare Financing[Mesh] OR Insurance, Health[Mesh] OR Insurance Coverage[Mesh] OR Fees and Charges[Mesh] OR Financing, Government[Mesh] OR Costs and Cost Analysis[Mesh] OR Patient Participation[Mesh] OR Clinical Governance[Mesh] OR Leadership[Mesh] OR Politics[Mesh] OR Health Services Administration[Mesh] OR Health Planning[Mesh] OR Community Health Planning[Mesh] OR Policy[Mesh] OR Health Policy[Mesh] OR Health Priorities[Mesh] OR Health Care Reform[Mesh] OR Health System[All Field] OR National Health Programs[Mesh] OR Social Support[Mesh] OR Social Determinants of Health[Mesh] OR Health Status[Mesh]))