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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Health system strengthening and hypertension management in China

Inclusion criteria
Studies conducted in Chinese population.
Studies that reported the effect of at least one health system factors on the outcome or impact of hypertension management. Outcomes of hypertension management refers to hypertension awareness, treatment and control. Impact of hypertension management refers to mortality, morbidity, financial risks or quality of life that were attributed to hypertension.
Studies that reported hypertension prevalence, awareness, treatment or control.
Studies that reported any of the following the population impact of hypertension.
Exclusion criteria
Studies not conducted on humankind.
Studies conducted outside China.
All commentaries, letters and editorials.
Studies merely quantify the effects of personal behavioral or modifiable risk factors on hypertension outcomes.
Studies that only describe the current knowledge of hypertension, i.e awareness, treatment and control.
Studies that merely focus on the population impact of hypertension like mortality, morbidity or financial risk.
Studies that only concentrated on community interventions to improve hypertension management without clearly explications of the mechanisms.