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Table 3 Items of 18-Item Instrument Based on PMT for predicting Intention to Engage in Protective Behaviors against Schistosomiasis among middle school students in rural China

From: An instrument based on protection motivation theory to predict Chinese adolescents’ intention to engage in protective behaviors against schistosomiasis

Item by constructs Mean (SD) r with total
Q1. My whole family will suffer if I am infected with schistosomiasis 2.87 (1.22) 0.29
Q2. I will become hopeless for the rest of my life if I am infected with schistosomiasis. 2.43 (1.16) 0.31
Q3. I will get infected if I contact snail-conditioned water while assisting my parents to work. 4.32 (0.84) 0.15
Q4. I will get infected if I play with or swim in snail-conditioned water. 4.39 (0.81) 0.18
Q5. If I wade through water or walk in wetland in snail-conditioned areas without protection, I will get infected. 4.36 (0.83) 0.15
Q6. It is very enjoyable for me to play in water outside. 2.05 (1.26) 0.47
Q7. It is convenient to wash my hands and feet in rivers and ponds. 1.99 (1.25) 0.51
Q8. It will be more convenient to assist parents’ work or play in snail-conditioned water without protective measures. 2.02 (1.31) 0.49
Q9. Playing in outdoor water with classmates is good for making friends and for strengthening friendship. 1.90 (1.10) 0.53
Q10. Washing my hands and feet or clothes in river and ponds will save tap water, save money for my family. 1.90 (1.14) 0.57
Q11. It will save money if assisting parents’ work or playing in water without protection (water shoes, protective gels such as plant cercaricide Fangyouling). 1.72 (1.01) 0.56
Q12. I will never be infected if I do not play in snail-conditioned water. 2.76 (1.14) 0.44
Q13. I will never get infected if I do not assist parents’ work in snail-conditioned water. 2.80 (1.12) 0.44
Q14. I can control myself not to go and play in snail-conditioned water. 4.20 (1.02) 0.17
Q15. I can definitely say “no” even if my friends invite me to play in snail-conditioned water. 4.47 (0.92) 0.11
Q16. I can definitely say “no” even if my parents or teachers ask me to do things that may involve snail-conditioned water. 4.38 (0.98) 0.11
Q17. My friends may tease me if I refuse to go out with them to play in snail-conditioned water 2.15 (1.28) 0.43
Q18. My parents will scold me if I worry about schistosomiasis and refuse to do things in snail-conditioned water. 1.86 (1.15) 0.42