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Fig. 3

From: Participatory approach to design social accountability interventions to improve maternal health services: a case study from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Fig. 3

Medicus Mundi’s Community Health Insurance Model and modifications in Bolenge. Description: In yellow and bold red are described the modifications introduced by community in the intervention supported by Medicus Mundi in Bolenge. Arrows show how information is circulating in the model. Concerns from community previously collected through community survey and suggestion box (1) and transmitted to health zone management team (3) and to health providers (3) via the CHIS office (2) are collected by community health workers (1) and transmitted to the health committee (1) in charge of organizing the dialogue meeting. The health committee will also receive information collected by community survey via the CHIS office (5) and the HZMT (6). The health committee will send its feedback through CHWs, realizing a two-directional communication

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