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Table 2 Core Educational Plan

From: A globally networked hybrid approach to public health capacity training for maternal health professionals in low and middle income countries

  Application 1 2 3 4 s 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Beyond
Team ICT Project Team and ICT resources identified; general ICT protect topic identified; assets assessment completed in application Team Completes ICT Preliminary Project Planning Worksheet Teem finalizes ICT project plan at workshop Team -implements ICT project plan; Completes Monthly Protect Update Team implements ICT protect plan Team implements ICT project plan Prototype Presentation online Prototype revision based on feedback Final Prototype Revision Workshop in San Jose to modify and finalize prefect plans Feasibility
Final revisions based on workshop feedback Final Prototype Presentation Online Team works toward further development, testing, and deployment accessing project resources as needed
ICT Training Modules Documents learning resources and tene commitment in application Team completes preparatory module on-line ICT for Maternal Health Team participates in week-long Short Course I/workshop m San Jose Team completes on line module “Obtaining and Using Feedback on Your ICT Project” Team completes online module “Creating a Social Media Presence for your ICT Project” Team completes on-line module on’ Crowdsourcing ICT Ideas Team completes module “Presenting Your ICT Prototype” No online module (Technical work) Team completes online module “Moving ICT Project from Development to Testing” Short Course II (In-person) No online module Complete online module “ICT Evaluation, Measures, and Statistics” Complete online module “Preparing your Final ICT Project Prototype” Team completes online module “After prototyping: Planning for ICT Project Deployment” Complete revised modules as needed
Team Mentoring/Networking Team provides Letter of Recommendation on from community or institution Start-up Collaboratory Call between Mentors and Team In-person Mentoring and Consultation at Workshop in San Jose Hold a community/institutional discussion about project to obtain feedback Team designs its project’s social
network page
Team crowdsources prototype ideas Obtain feedback - crowdsource and social network Iteratively share revisions for feedback Iteratively share revisions for feedback Test products and ideas with other trainee colleagues Work with at least one community site to test product Gather user feedback from test site(s) Obtain feedback from social networking site Expansion of network; Continued use of mentors as needed; Evaluation Visits; Symposium participation
Ongoing Internal consultative process with other local stakeholders Weekly blog updates
Bi-weekly call with mentors
Access consultation resources ad-hoc
Crowdsource development ideas and problem solve
Completes Monthly Protect Update
Focus   Planning, Brainstorming, Ideation, Impact Planning, Logistics, lICT Areas Technical Development Social Networking Crowdsourcing/Community- Engaged Design Communicating Revising Testing Impact Evaluation Dissemination Spin-off and dose-out Networking, sustained involvement