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Table 4 Baseline and Immediate Post-Training Average Scores

From: A globally networked hybrid approach to public health capacity training for maternal health professionals in low and middle income countries

Evaluation of Course Topics Average Scores Scale 1-10, where: 1 = Knows a Little 10 = Knows a Lot
Baseline knowledge of course topics 4.7**
Prepared for Online Moodle® Modules 5.8*
Prepared for using REDCap 6.7*
Cloud Computing 6.8*
Word Press/HTML 8.3*
Other software/technology 8.3*
Social Networks and Community Empowerment 8.3*
  1. *n = 6; **n = 8
  2. Likert Scales were either 1–4 or 1–5. For purposes of comparison across educational topics, all scores were all standardized to scores between 1 and 10