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Table 6 Open Ended Evaluation Questions*

From: A globally networked hybrid approach to public health capacity training for maternal health professionals in low and middle income countries

Questions Common Themes Example Quotes
What are the 3 most important things you learned from the Moodle® course? Crowdsourcing How crowdsourcing could help us with the evaluation and users’ information on a research study
ICTs (Health Related) The importance of the use of ICT’s in maternal health)
Building a Logic Model How to design a logic model
What could be improved for this Moodle® Course? Moodle® platform The access to upload or to send assignments should be less complicated to students
Language difficulties Some pages were only in English
Do you have any other comments for this Moodle® course? Courses and Research I think these types of courses should always be available, they increase the knowledge and help to resolve problems according to the topics or projects that can be investigated
  1. * n = 10. All questions and answers were in Spanish. Themes were identified for inclusion when at least two respondents endorsed a particular theme. Exemplary respondent quotes, translated to English, are included here