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Table 4 SWOT analysis of reproductive tourism in Greece

From: The market for reproductive tourism: an analysis with special reference to Greece

Liberal legislation Less ethical conflicts Short waiting lists Reputable physicians Globally comparable success rates Competitive prices compared to countries such as Spain, UK or USA Greece healthcare system is open to new technologies, with less barriers High investments in private clinics and excellent technological standards Comfortable location and good climate Increasing social acceptance of ART Increased infertility, globally More complex legal status elsewhere (“loose bricks” for Greece) Lowering travel costs, making it possible to some traditionally inaccessible Grecian destinations New segments of reproductive tourists seeking a holistic experience
Economic crisis increases costs via increased taxation Political instability Lack of cost transparency Lacking transparency on results Lacking environmental policies Legal framework is not fully applied yet (although efforts of the National Authority flourish rapidly) Lacking organization on national level Staff training is not a standard requirement Expensive domestic connectivity within Greece Destination management programs are still developing Unstable linkages between healthcare and tourism industries. Unstable economic situation in Greece leads to ongoing insecurity Political instability might affect legislation around ART Legal situation might change for better elsewhere and take away potential customers New entries are easy, this might lead to giants entering the market or increased (uncontrolled) rivalry Power of suppliers (pharma, donors, etc.) is very high Accessibility to Greece not granted for all High rivalry leads to lacking networking among the clinics