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Table 4 Records Identified Through Literature Search

From: Factors influencing the tobacco control policy process in Egypt and Iran: a scoping review

Title Author Year Journal Design Policy research Policy development Policy implementation
Tobacco cessation practices of senior dental students in Iran Ahmady A., et al. 2011 International Dental Journal Cross-sectional    X
Sanctions, smuggling, and the cigarette: The granting of Iran office of foreign asset control's licenses to big tobacco Batmanghelidj E., and Heydari G. 2014 International Journal of Preventive Medicine Systematic review    X
Health-care provider screening for tobacco smoking and advice to quit - 17 countries, 2008–2011 Caixeta R., et al. 2013 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Report using GATS data    X
Tomorrow’s regular customers? Stamping out tobacco use in the Middle East and Africa Economist Intelligence Unit 2009 NA Report   X  
Tobacco control in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: overview and way forward El Awa, F. 2008 Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal Review X X X
Establishment of respiratory disease network in Iran Ghanei M., et al. 2011 Tanaffos Editorial X X  
Time trend of smoking scenes in Iranian movies during the past three decades (1982–2011): a historical analysis Heydari G., et al. 2015 Tobacco Control Historical film analysis    X
Western media's influence on Egyptian adolescents' smoking behaviour: the mediating role of positive beliefs about smoking Islam S., et al. 2007 Nicotine & Tobacco Research Cross sectional study    X
Egyptian Smoking Prevention Research Institute (ESPRI). Israel E., et al. 2003 Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology Commentary X   
Religion-based tobacco control interventions: how should WHO proceed? Jabbour S., and Fouad M. 2004 Bulletin of the World Health Organization Commentary   X  
Curtailing tobacco use: First we need to know the numbers Koplan J., and MacKay J. 2012 The Lancet Commentary   X  
Meeting report on first national seminar of media and health: 7th August 2014, Shiraz, Iran Lankarani K., et al. 2014 Shiraz E Medical Journal Meeting report    X
Health status, epidemiological profile and prospects: Eastern Mediterranean Region Mandil A., et al. 2013 International Journal of Epidemiology Review X X X
Joining the coalition: Gard, Iran. Masjedi M. 2008 Tanaffos Editorial X   
Tobacco in the Arab world: old and new epidemics amidst policy paralysis Maziak M., et al. 2013 Health Policy and Planning Review   X X
Health research priority setting in Iran: Introduction to a bottom up approach Owlia et al. 2011 Journal of Research in Medical Sciences Priority setting   X  
Public opinion on smoke-free policies among Egyptians Radwan G., et al. 2012 International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Cross sectional study    X
Implementation, barriers and challenges of smoke-free policies in hospitals in Egypt Radwan G., et al. 2012 BMC Research Notes Cross sectional study and hospital inspection    X
Non-communicable diseases in the Arab world Rahim H., et al. 2014 The Lancet Review X X X
Evidence for Policy in Iran Sadrizadeh B. 2009 Iranian Journal of Public Health Commentary   X  
The path towards universal health coverage in the Arab uprising countries Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen Saleh S., et al. 2014 The Lancet Lancet Series Review   X  
A Comprehensive Model to Evaluate Implementation of the World Health Organization Framework Convention of Tobacco Control Sarrafzadegan N., et al. 2012 Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research Qualitative study X   
Indicators developed to evaluate the international framework convention on tobacco control in Iran; a grounded theory study Sarrafzadegan N., et al. 2014 Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences Qualitative study X   
Health experts' opinions about tobacco control activities in Iran: Results from a delphi panel of national experts Sharifi H., et al. 2012 Tanaffos Qualitative case study X X  
The tobacco industry's tactics and plans to undermine control efforts in Egypt and North Africa World Health Organisation 2003 WHO WHO report   X  
Progress in tobacco control in Egypt and Pakistan: activities implemented by WHO under the Bloomberg initiative to reduce tobacco use World Health Organisation 2010 WHO WHO report X X  
Tobacco industry tactics and plans to undermine tobacco control efforts World Health Organisation 2012 WHO WHO report   X