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Table 2 Categories of information in the data extraction form

From: Health financing policies in Sub-Saharan Africa: government ownership or donors’ influence? A scoping review of policymaking processes

Author and year of publication
Type of paper (original research article, systematic review, conference proceedings), focus country(ies)
Magnitude of the focus on country ownership (strong: main topic of the paper, or moderate: secondary topic or sub-section of the paper)
Focus health financing polic(ies) (user fee exemption, health insurance,…)
Description of the main topic of investigation
Study design (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods)
Methods used (case study, stakeholders analysis, literature review, etc.)
Findings at the emergence stage
Findings at the formulation stage
Findings at the funding stage
Findings at the implementation stage
Findings at the evaluation stage
Results on overall government ownership
Discussion and observations notes