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Table 5 Distribution of financing policies and countries addressed in each paper

From: Health financing policies in Sub-Saharan Africa: government ownership or donors’ influence? A scoping review of policymaking processes

Article details User fee exemption or reduction National health insurance PBF PBF & user fee exemption or reduction National subsidy for obstetric care Community insurance All UHC financing policies
Agyepong et al. 2008   Ghana      
Atim 2011        Africa (all countries)
Basaza et al. 2013   Uganda      
Chimhutu et al. 2014    Tanzania     
Chirwa et al. 2013 Malawi       
Falisse et al. 2012    Burundi     
Falisse et al. 2014     Burundi    
Fox et al. 2014     DRC    
Gilson et al. 2003   South Africa Zambia      
Gilson et al. 2012   South Africa Tanzania      
Kajula et al. 2004 Uganda       
Kirigia & Diarra-Nama 2008        Countries of the WHO African region
Kusi-Ampofo et al. 2015   Ghana      
Manitu et al. 2015    DRC     
Masiye et al. 2010 Zambia       
Mbaye et al. 2013 Senegal       
McIntyre et al. 2013 Malawi Nigeria Tanzania      
Meda et al. 2011      Burkina Faso   
Meessen 2011 Burkina Faso BurundiGhana Liberia Senegal Uganda       
Nabyonga-Orem et al. 2014 Uganda       
Nyandekwe et al. 2014       Rwanda  
Olivier de Sardan et al. 2012 Burkina Faso
Onoka et al. 2014   Nigeria      
Paul et al. 2014    Benin     
Peerenboom et al. 2014     Burundi    
Ponsar et al. 2011 Mali       
Ridde 2011      Burkina Faso   
Ridde et al. 2012 Benin Burkina Faso
Niger Togo Senegal
Rusa et al. 2009    Rwanda     
Seddoh & Akor 2012   Ghana      
Thomas & Gilson 2004 South Africa       
Torbica et al. 2014 10 countries of West Africa       
Witter et al. 2013a Sudan       
Witter et al. 2013b Ghana       
Ye et al. 2014    Burkina Faso Ghana Tanzania     
Total 14 8 6 3 2 1 2