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Table 4 Harm experienced related to alcohol use among young people in eight Asian countries

From: Measuring and preventing alcohol use and related harm among young people in Asian countries: a thematic review

Country & authors Study type & year Age Sample size Harm experiences
 Wan et al., 2011 [79] Cross-sectional survey in 6 cities 12–24 17,622 Alcohol use was significantly positively correlated with deliberate self-harm behaviors among youth.
 Zhou et al., [35] cross-sectional survey in Shenzhen City 10–24 4138 None-fatal injuries among young people were significantly correlated with alcohol consumption in the last 12 months
 Esser et al., 2015 [80] Household survey interview in 5 cities 15–24 741 About 23% females and 24% males aged 15–24 years reported experienced 5 or more types of harms due to other’s drinking, including physical, sexual, psychological, financial and social harms.
 Madhivanan et al., 2014 [81] Cross-sectional survey in Mysore, 2005–06 15–30 898 Alcohol use was significantly associated the prevelance of intimate partner physical violence.
 Nadkarni et al., 2015 [82] Cross-sectional survey in Goa 16–24 3663 Current alcohol use was significantly associated with physical violence in both young men and women.
 Higuchi et al., 1994 [37] Cross-sectional survey 18–29 1225 Drinking alcohol in the past 12 months was significantly associated with experience of social problems.
South Korea
 Han et al., 2009 [18] Nationally representative survey 12–19 71,404 Heavy drinking were found to be significantly associated with suicidalideation and suicidal attempts among boys and girls
 Kang et al., 2014 [83] Sixth Korea Youth Risk Behavior
Web-based Survey in 2010
12–18 72,623 Alcohol consumption was significantly associated with suicide ideation and attempt among adolescents.
 Park et al., 2010 [84] Household survey, 2005 18–39 5333, Volume of alcohol consumption was significantly correlated with suicide ideation among young male and female adults.
 Seo et al., 2015 [85] Cross-sectional survey 2008–2011 19–30 1176 Alcohol consumption volume and frequency were significantly and negatively associated with bone mineral density in young women.
 So and Park, 2016 [86] Online self-administered questionnaire survey 12–18 74,186 Alcohol consumption was associated with youth low academic performance.
 Chan et al., 2013 [87] cross-sectional survey 2008–09 17–18 4581 Alcohol use was significantly associated with youth suicidal behavior.
 Manickam et al., 2014 [36] cross-sectional school-based survey 2012 12–17 25,285 Adolescents who had used alcohol were more likely to have used substance, experienced injuries and engaged in sexual behaviours.
 Mutalip et al., 2014 [19] Cross-sectional population-based study 2011 12–29 746 Feeling of remorse/guilt after drinking; blackouts; injury to self or others and received abuse from others due to drinking.
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 Assanangkornchai et al., 2009 [88] Cross-sectional survey, 10–22 50,033 Alcohol use was significantly associated with a series of risk behaviours among youth, including drug misuse, drink-driving, injuries, physical violence, depression, suicide attempt and unwanted pregnancy.
 Balogun et al., 2014 [89] Self-administered school-based survey 12–15 2761 Past 30-day alcohol use and lifetime drunkenness were associated with depression and anxiety-induced sleeplessness among students.
 Lohsoonthorn et al., 2013 [78] Cross-sectional survey, 2010–11 18–22 2854 Alcohol consumption was significantly associated with increased odds of daytime dysfunction and sleepiness.
 Nakahara et al., 2005 [90] Epidemiology study, injury data from 1998 to 2002 20–29 4015 Alcohol use was a significant predictor of fatal motocycle injuries.
 Tongklao et al., 2014 [91] Cross-sectional survey, 2011–12 10–18 2267 Alcohol use before or during riding was significantly associated with motorcycle injuries and risky riding behaviours.
 Diep et al., 2010 [92] Cross-sectional survey in two universities 18–29 619 12.3% of the total sample were identified with an AUDIT score of 8 or higher.
 Diep et al., 2013 [93] Survey intervew on university students 17–28 699 Among drinking students: 47% of them had experienced negative influence on daliy activities; 8.9% of them reported having had social conflict; 68% of them reported loss of control, acute consequences, withdrawal; 22% of them had a mental health condition and physical illness; 12% of them had a medical health problem.
 Diep et al., 2015 [48] Cross-sectional survey in 12 universities in 4 province in Vietnam Mean age 20.1 6011 Students reported experience of physical and amenity harms, including sleep and study disturbances, property damage, being insulted/quarrelling, unwanted sex, being beaten/fighting/pushed/hit, traffic accident/crash due to other’s drinking.
 MT et al., 2012 [94] Two National Population-Based Surveys -- Survey Assessment of Vietnamese Youth (SAVY 1 & 2) 14–19 4609 in SAVY 1 6508 in SAVY 2 Alcohol use was significantly associated with experiences of low mood and suicidal behaviors
 Tho et al. 2007 [95] Cross-sectional survey in Nha Trang City 14–25 880 Young people who drink alcohol were more likely to be sexually active and to have had unsafe and unprotected sex.
  1. n/a means no papers or studies were identified within selection critriea