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Table 5 Harm experience among young people studied in eight Asian countries, ranked by the number of studies reporting the harm

From: Measuring and preventing alcohol use and related harm among young people in Asian countries: a thematic review

Harm experience Age and gender Countries and number of studies (N)
Deliberate self-harm and suicidal behaviors 12–24, both sexes China, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam (7)
Physical violence 15–24, both sexes India, Thailand, Vietnam (6)
Fatal and none-fatal injuries 10–24, both sexes China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam (5)
Risky sexual behaviour 15–24, both sexes India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam (5)
Psychological problem, depressed 15–24, both sexes India, Thailand, Vietnam (4)
Financial and social harms 15–24, both sexes India, Japan, Vietnam (3)
Poor academic performance/ study disturbances 12–18, both sexes South Korea, Vietnam (2)
Low bone mineral density 19–30, female South Korea (1)
Harm/injury to others 12–29, both sexes Malaysia (1)
Drug misuse 10–22, both sexes Thailand (1)
Drink driving 10–22, both sexes Thailand (1)
Alcohol dependence 18–29, both sexes Vietnam (1)