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Table 2 Specific descriptors of the intervention

From: Community-based dengue control intervention in Ouagadougou: intervention theory and implementation fidelity

Specific fidelity descriptors for the community intervention against dengue fever
What: strengthening community knowledge and capacity building on dengue fever and mosquito control with an emphasis on community participation
How: through awareness-raising for behaviour change based on Bandura’s social cognitive theory: in the training provided to community workers, they will acquire knowledge and attitudes favourable to antivectorial control, and as they conduct activities in their neighbourhood, other members of the community will be encouraged to observe and imitate them
How often: 1 talk per week per zone (total of 8 talks/zone)
1 door-to-door outing per week per zone (total of 8 door-to-door outings/zone)
1 theatrical performance/month per zone (total of 2 theatrical performances/zone)
1 community activity/zone
22 posters in 17 sites over 4 months
To whom: the community living within a 1-km radius of the CSPS
By whom: representatives of the community: community-based health workers, associations, religious and traditional leaders, representatives of AGIR
Specifications related to context: involvement of the mayor’s office, CSPS, climate, other ongoing interventions