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Table 4 Implementation fidelity analysis

From: Community-based dengue control intervention in Ouagadougou: intervention theory and implementation fidelity

Specific descriptors Yitouni Tampouy-Bilbalgo Cité Azimo Cité An IV B
What? Adaptations of talks and door-to-door canvassing, community activities, theatre performances
Cancellation of SMS and painting
Addition of drawing contest
How? Community approach Extensive AGIR involvement
How often? Adaptations in frequency As planned
To whom? Community residing within a 1-km radius of the Sector 20 CSPS
No adaptation
By whom? Concurrent roles
Good knowledge of the area’s resources
Concurrent roles
Limited knowledge of the area’s resources
Limited knowledge of the area’s resources
Three facilitators instead of four
Contextual conditions Influence of the political context, climatic conditions, seroprevalence study, distribution of LLINs