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Table 3 Cost per CYP in DRHR

From: Delivering reproductive health services through non-state providers in Pakistan: understanding the value for money of different approaches

Indicator SM SF Total
CYPs achieved 2,151,994 1,835,523 3,987,517
Financial costs (GBP) 8,833,446 10,436,488 19,269,934
Financial costs per CYP 4.10 5.69 4.83
Economic costs (GBP) 9,412,820 9,556,665 18,969,485
Economic costs per CYP 4.37 5.21 4.76
  1. At the time of the analysis MSI reported actual CYPs only for the period July 2012 – June 2015 (Q1-Q12, excluding Q13). For consistency, in this analysis costs and CYPs incurred during quarters 1–12 were considered for both SM and SF. Financial and economic costs for both SF and SM are lower than reported in Table 1, the differences representing costs incurred during Q13