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Table 4 Cost-effectiveness indicators for DRHR

From: Delivering reproductive health services through non-state providers in Pakistan: understanding the value for money of different approaches

Indicator SF SM Total Incremental analysis (SF-SM)
Unintended pregnancies 648,629 300,763 949,392 347,866
Maternal deaths 927 613 1540 314
Unsafe abortions 70,673 70,860 141,533 −187
DALY averted 517,423 473,737 991,160 43,686
Financial costs (GBP) 10,436,488 9,392,884 19,829,372 1,043,604
Cost per unintended pregnancy averted 16 23 21 3
Cost per maternal death averted 11,258 12,145 12,876 3324
Cost per unsafe abortion averted 148 104 140 SF is dominated
Cost per DALY averted 22 20 20 24
  1. MSI and PSI data and OPM calculations
  2. Cost and outcomes data on unintended pregnancies averted, maternal deaths averted and unsafe abortions averted are as supplied by MSI (up to June 2015). Cost per unintended pregnancy averted, maternal death averted and unsafe abortion averted for MSI are informed by programme costs up to June 2015 (£10,438,488). DALYs averted were calculated using the MSI Impact 2 model based on the product mix data supplied by MSI and PSI. All DALYs averted until 2019 (the longest-acting family planning method delivered in DRHR, other than sterilisation, was assumed to provide protection for 5 years) were aggregated without discounting