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Table 1 Detailed search terms

From: Factors affecting access to primary health care services for persons with disabilities in rural areas: a “best-fit” framework synthesis

  CINAHL (Via EBSCOhost) EMBASE (Via Ovid) Global Health (Via Ovid) Medline (Via Ovid) Web of Science
Persons with disabilities (MH“Disabled+”) OR Disab* exp disability/OR exp disabled person/OR disab*.mp. exp disabilities/OR exp people with mental disabilities/OR exp children with disabilities/OR exp people with disabilities/OR exp learning disabilities/OR exp people with physical disabilities/OR disab*.mp exp Disabled Persons/OR disab*.mp. Disability
Primary Health Care (MH “Primary health Care”) OR (MH “Medical Care”) OR (MH “Health Services Accessibility+”) Exp primary health care/OR exp primary medical care/OR exp “health care cost”/OR exp health care delivery/ OR exp health care quality/OR exp health care access/ OR exp health service/OR exp health care/OR exp health care system/OR exp health care utilization/ exp primary health care/OR (community health OR health care OR health services OR Community health services OR medical services).sh. exp Primary Health Care/OR exp Healthcare Disparities/OR exp “Delivery of Health Care”/OR exp Health Services Accessibility/OR exp “Health Services Needs and Demand”/ Primary health care
Rural or Remote (MH “Rural Areas”) OR (MH “Rural Health Personnel”) OR (MH “Rural Health Centers”) OR (MH “Rural Health Services”) OR (MH “Rural Population”) OR (MH “Hospitals, Rural”) OR “rural*” OR “remote health” exp rural area/ OR exp rural population/exp OR rural health care/OR exp rural urban difference/OR rural*.mp OR remote OR exp rural environment/ or exp rural communities/or exp rural society/or exp rural areas/or exp rural health/ or exp rural settlement/OR exp rural population/OR rural*.mp. exp Rural Health/OR exp Hospitals, Rural/OR exp Rural Population/ OR exp Rural Health Services/OR exp Telemedicine/OR rural*.mp. OR remote Rural