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Table 4 Suggestions for improving data visualization for RMNCH&N

From: Optimizing data visualization for reproductive, maternal, newborn, child health, and nutrition (RMNCH&N) policymaking: data visualization preferences and interpretation capacity among decision-makers in Tanzania

Domain   Suggestion
Formatting and presentation Graph formatting • Use vertical bar graphs rather than horizontal bar graphs • Label values directly on graphs • Include a key with all graphs • Include grid line backgrounds on graphs • Avoid including several indicators within a single graph
  Color • Use colors that easily represent issues (red, green, yellow) • Limit the total number of colors and choose distinct, bold colors • Use color blind-friendly colors
  Structure • Include short interpretations (key messages) adjacent to graphs • Use “simplest” graph possible to visualize data and ensure associated messages are understandable and written in simple language • Create succinct materials rather than long reports
Training   • Develop curriculum on basic data literacy and statistics, data visualization, and data presentation skills for policymakers