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Table 1 Meeting manual contents, methods and implementation

From: Implementation and fidelity of a participatory learning and action cycle intervention to prevent and control type 2 diabetes in rural Bangladesh

Phase and meeting number Discussion content Supplementary methods (Discussion plus…) N groups use method Other methods (n groups & method)
Phase 1 Problem Identification
Meeting 1
Introducing the project Game about working as a group 122  
Meeting 2 Open discussion about diabetes & ways to prevent and control diabetes Story telling about someone with diabetes 94 28 groups: a diabetic group attender told their story
Meeting 3 Care-seeking for diabetes Village mapping of places were care about diabetes is sought 122 122 groups: used the existing social map (made to decide the venue for group meetings) and health facilities were added to this map.
Meeting 4 Balanced diet, ideal weight and healthy food Sort food items brought by members 34 women’s groups brought cooked foods, 88 groups brought raw fruit or vegetables 58 groups: facilitator brought oily foods to identify unhealthy foods
   Game using picture cards of food 122 12 groups: played food game using lottery as well as playing as stated in manual
Meeting 5 Physical Activity and exercise Quiz using food plate (follow-up from meeting 4) 122 61 groups: group attenders also did the exercise
Facilitator demonstration of exercises 122
Meeting 6 Smoking Game using cards 122 49 groups: facilitators told a story about a smoker
Experience sharing (smoker/smoker in the family) 73
Meeting 7 Stress Story telling about someone suffering from stress 122  
Meeting 8 Complications of Diabetes Flip chart 122  
Meeting 9 Prioritizing problems   122  
Phase 2 Planning together
Meeting 10
Planning and preparation for community meeting   122  
Meeting 11 Community meeting Drama, Story telling, Song, 122  
Phase 3 Strategy implementation
Meeting 12
Strategy Implementation & care seeking   122  
Meeting 13 Strategy implementation & diet and smoking Picture card game, nutritional plate demonstration 122 122 groups: group members brought fruit and vegetables
Meeting 14 Strategy implementation & physical activity and health Exercise demonstration by facilitator 122 122 groups: watch a video of exercises on a laptop with demonstration from facilitator
59 groups: did the exercises
Phase 4 Participatory evaluation
Meeting 15
Community evaluation of strategies: planning Evaluation game, role play of different methods of evaluation 122  
Meeting 16 Community evaluation of strategies Sub-committee evaluation and discussion 0 122 groups: discussion by whole group
Meeting 17 Sustaining strategies and planning handover to the community Mapping of resources 122 122 groups: discussion about resources using map that was prepared initially
122 groups: nominated new facilitators
Meeting 18 Community meeting and group handover Community meeting 0 122 groups: made a local committee responsible for continuing the intervention and monitoring strategy implementation, nominated facilitators were formally introduced, and given facilitation tools.