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Table 7 Search Terms & Key Words per Focus Area

From: The impacts of the global gag rule on global health: a scoping review

Key Topics MeSH key search words (keywords will be searched TIAB search filter) Search strategy per topic (PubMed)
Global Gag Rule none “Global Gag Rule” OR “GGR” OR “Mexico City Policy” OR “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance” ((Global Gag Rule) OR Mexico City Policy) OR Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance
Abortion “Abortion, Induced” OR “Abortion, Septic” OR “Abortion, Criminal” abortion (((abortion) OR “Abortion, Criminal”[Mesh]) OR “Abortion, Septic”[Mesh]) OR “Abortion, Induced”[Mesh]
Advocacy “consumer advocacy” Advocacy Advocacy
Commodities (male & female condoms; PrEP; Emergency Contraception: PEP) “Condoms” OR “Condoms, Female” OR “Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis” OR “Contraceptives, Postcoital” OR “Post-Exposure Prophylaxis” condoms OR female condoms OR male condoms OR Emergency contraceptives OR EC OR Pre-exposure Prophylaxis OR PrEP OR post-exposure prophylaxis OR PEP (((((“Condoms”[Mesh]) OR “Condoms, Female”[Mesh]) OR “Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis”[Mesh]) OR “Contraceptives, Postcoital”[Mesh]) OR “Post-Exposure Prophylaxis”[Mesh]) OR ((((((((condoms) OR female condoms) OR male condoms) OR pre-exposure prophylaxis) OR PrEP) OR emergency contraceptives) OR EC) OR post-exposure prophylaxis)
Family Planning “Family Planning Services” OR “Family Planning Policy” OR “Pregnancy, Unplanned” OR “Pregnancy, Unwanted” OR “Sex Education” “unintended pregnancy” OR “unwanted pregnancy” OR family planning ((((“Family Planning Services”[Mesh]) OR “Family Planning Policy”[Mesh]) OR “Pregnancy, Unplanned”[Mesh]) OR “Pregnancy, Unwanted”[Mesh]) OR (((((unintended pregnancy) OR unwanted pregnancy) OR unplanned pregnancy) OR family planning))
Gender-based Violence Domestic Violence OR Intimate Partner Violence OR Sex Offenses gender-based violence OR domestic violence OR Intimate Partner Violence OR Sex Offenses gender-based violence
Global Health Assistance “United States Government Agencies” OR “Federal Government” OR “United States Agency for International Development” OR “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” OR “US Department of Defense” OR “Peace Corps” “US foreign assistance” OR “Global Health Assistance” ((“United States Government Agencies”[Mesh]) OR “Federal Government”[Mesh]) OR “United States Agency for International Development”[Mesh]
HIV/AIDS & STIs “HIV” OR “Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome” OR “Sexually Transmitted Diseases” sexually transmitted infections OR Sexually transmitted Diseases OR HIV/AIDS OR HIV OR AIDS OR STD OR STI (((“HIV”[Mesh]) OR “Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome”[Mesh]) OR “Sexually Transmitted Diseases”[Mesh]) OR sexually transmitted infections
Human Rights “Human Rights” OR “Human Rights Abuses” human rights (((“Human Rights”[Mesh]) OR “Human Rights Abuses”[Mesh])) OR Human rights
Infectious Diseases “Communicable Diseases” OR “Tuberculosis” OR “Malaria” OR “Zika Virus” OR “Zika Virus Infection” OR “Hemorrhagic fever, Ebola” Infectious Diseases OR Tuberculosis OR Malaria OR Zika OR Ebola ((((((Infectious Diseases) OR (((tuberculosis) OR malaria) OR zika)) OR “Zika Virus Infection”[Mesh]) OR “Zika Virus”[Mesh]) OR “Malaria”[Mesh]) OR “Tuberculosis”[Mesh]) OR “Communicable Diseases”[Mesh]
Key Populations “Sexual Minorities” OR “Sex Workers” OR “Adolescent” OR “Substance Abuse, Intravenous” OR “Prisoners” Lesbian’ OR ‘Gay’ OR ‘Bisexual’ OR ‘Transexual’ OR ‘Transgender’ OR ‘Queer’ OR ‘Intersexual’ OR ‘LGBTQI’ OR ‘Men who have Sex with Men’ OR ‘MSM’ OR ‘Sex Workers’ OR ‘HIV key populations’ OR ‘adolescent girls’ OR’ young women’ OR ‘AGYW’ OR ‘people who inject drugs’ OR PWID OR Prisoners (((((HIV Key Populations) OR “Sexual Minorities”[Mesh]) OR lesbian) OR “Sex Workers”[Mesh]) OR “Adolescent”[Mesh]) OR (((((((((((((((gay) OR bisexual) OR transexual) OR Queer) OR Intersexual) OR LGBTQI) OR Men who have sex with Men) OR MSM) OR Sex Workers) OR HIV key populations) OR Adolescent Girls) OR Young Women) OR AGYW) OR People who inject drugs) OR PWID)
Maternal and Child Health “Maternal-Child Health Centers” OR “Maternal-Child Health Services” OR “Maternal Health Services” OR Maternal Health Maternal and Newborn Child Health’ OR ‘Maternal and Child Health’ (((“Maternal-Child Health Centers”[Mesh]) OR “Maternal-Child Health Services”[Mesh]) OR (maternal and newborn child health)) OR ((maternal and child health))
Maternal Mortality & Morbidity “Maternal Mortality” OR “Maternal Death” Maternal mortality’ OR maternal morbidity ((“Maternal Mortality”[Mesh]) OR maternal mortality) OR maternal morbidity
Non-Communicable Diseases “Cholera” OR “Uterine Cervical Neoplasms” Cholera’ OR ‘Cervical Cancer’ OR non-communicable diseases OR ‘HPV’ [TIAB] ((“Cholera”[Mesh]) OR “Uterine Cervical Neoplasms”[Mesh]) OR (((cervical cancer) OR cholera) OR non-communicable diseases)
Orphans & Vulnerable Children “Child, Orphaned” OR “Child, Abandoned” Orphans and vulnerable children [TIAB] orphans and vulnerable children
Prevention of Maternal To Child Transmission none PMTCT [TIAB] OR ‘Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission’ (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission) OR PMTCT
Reproductive Health “Reproductive Health” OR “Reproductive Health Services” OR “Reproductive Rights” TIAB- reproductive health OR reproductive health services OR reproductive rights OR sexual and reproductive health and rights OR SRHR (((“Reproductive Health”[Mesh]) OR “Reproductive Health Services”[Mesh]) OR “Reproductive Rights”[Mesh]) OR “Sex Education”[Mesh]
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene “Hygiene” OR “Sanitation” ‘water, sanitation and hygiene’ [TIAB] OR WSH [TIAB] OR sanitation [TIAB] or Hygiene [TIAB] water sanitation and hygiene