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Table 1 Characteristics of NCD-RCS initiatives included in this study

From: A scoping review of non-communicable disease research capacity strengthening initiatives in low and middle-income countries

SN NCD-RCS Initiatives Implementers Region and countries Period Target researchers Disease focus Skill areas Funding support
1 TOBAC Program [29] 29 individual TOBAC projects by various implementers All regions of LMICs 2002–2012 Early and mid-career researchers Tobacco use Research skills NIDA, NHLBI, FIC
  1.1 Building GIS Capacity in Tobacco research Loma Linda University Cambodia, Lao, Mongolia 2002–2010 Tobacco control workforce Tobacco use GIS skills in research NIH/FIC
  1.2 Analytical capacity building for study of Tobacco carcinogen University of Minnesota; Tata Memorial Center; Healis-Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health India 2017–2022 Early and mid-career researchers Tobacco exposure Analytical capacity NIH/FIC
  1.3 Tobacco Cessation training and Research in India and Indonesia University of Minnesota, University of Arizona, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum, India and Gaja Mada University Indonesia India, Indonesia 2002–2007 Tobacco cessation researchers Tobacco cessation Tobacco Research NIH/FC
  1.4 Building Capacity for Tobacco Cessation in India and Indonesia University of Arizona, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum, India and Gaja Mada University Indonesia India, Indonesia 2008–2013 Tobacco cessation researchers Tobacco cessation Building research capacity NIH/FC
2 GACD research Network [30] Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases and member institutions Global but focus on LMICs 2007- Researchers in LMICs Chronic disease Individual and institutional level Various
3 3.1. CNCD-Africa [31] CNCD Consortium Africa 2009 Members of consortium NCDs NCD prevention and control CDC, IUPHE
  3.2. Training Health Researchers into Vocational Excellence (THRiVE) [32] THRiVE Consortium African and UK universities 2009 Members of consortium Generic Academic rsearchers Wellcome Trust
4 YP-CDN: NextGen leaders [33] YP-CDN: Self-initiated network of professionals International 2009- Young professionals Chronic diseases Individual and network level RTI
5 Training and Capacity Building in LMIC for Research in Heart and Lung Disease [34] NHLBI-UnitedHealth Collaborating Centres of Excellence (COE) International – 10 countries 2009–2014 Early stage investigators (ESIs) Heart and lung disease Clinical and public health-related research NHLBI, NIH, HHS
6 NCD-Lifespan [35] US institutions and institutions in LMICs All regions of LMICs 2010 - Early and mid-career researchers NCDs Individual and institutional level FIC/NIH
  6.1: ASCEND [36] Monash University, University of Melbourne South East Asia 2010–2015 Early career researchers with at least Masters (or equivalent experience) NCDs NCD research & networking FIC/NIH
  6.2: Wits RLTP Wits University Africa Region 2010–2015 Masters, PhD, postdocs NCDs NCD research FIC/NIH
  6.3 Strengthening Nurse NCD Research and Training Capacity in Thailand University of Michigan; Benjaporn Rajataramya; Praboromarachanok Institute Thailand 2014–2019 Pre and post-doctoral NCDs NCD research FIC/NIH
7 APCDR [37] APCDR along with 18 partner centres including in US and UK 10 countries in Africa 2010 - Early and mid-career researchers NCDs Individual, institutional MRC
8 Instituto de Cancerología (INCAN) [38] INCAN.; School of Medicine of Washington University in Saint Louis; Cancer Control Research Training Institute Guatemala 2010–2012 Clinician researchers Cancer Individual and institutional FIC/NIH
9 AWI-gen [39] Wits University, INDEPTH network SSA countries 2012–2017 Early and mid-career researchers Cardio-metabolic Individual and institutional NIH
10 ANPPA [40] African Population and Health Research Centre; partner institutions Five countries in Africa 2013–2017 Mid-career researchers NCDs Policy analysis IDRC
11 KSN-NCD [41] MOH (Kenya), APHRC and other partners Kenya 2014- Policy makers, health planners, researchers, NCDs Multiple levels IDRC
12 AACR-AORTC [42] African Organization for Research and Training in cancer; American Association for Cancer Research Africa 2015 - present Health professionals, advocates, and leaders Cancer Cancer research AACR
13 ENCORE Program [43] University of Melbourne, Australia; PHFI, CCCC, AIIMS, SCTIMST, India Australia and India 2015–2018 Early and mid-career researchers NCDs Research skills The University of Melbourne
14 Africa wide NCD Research Group [44] The East African NCD Alliance Africa Jan 2017 Experts in different NCD specialties NCDs Network capacity Various – including IDRC
  1. Abbreviations: see list of abbreviation in supplemental material