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Table 1 Summarized estimation of epidemic situation in Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

From: Modeling the trend of coronavirus disease 2019 and restoration of operational capability of metropolitan medical service in China: a machine learning and mathematical model-based analysis

The estimated end time of the epidemicApril 20th–30thMarch 16th–30thMarch 16th–30thMarch 16th–30th
The estimated inflection point of the epidemicMarch 12th–19thMarch 2rd-9thMarch 2rd-9thMarch 2rd-9th
The estimated number of cumulative confirmed cases55,000360460380
The estimated number of patients with unmet medical service (hospitalization) during the epidemic (95%CI)\23,279 (17,967-27,504)25,264 (22,151-28,364)10,256 (8808-11,364)