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Table 1 Worldwide implementation of digital health technology for COVID-19 contact tracing

From: Digital technology applications for contact tracing: the new promise for COVID-19 and beyond?

Country Description Technology Feature Reference
Austria Stopp Corona app. Available by voluntary download for Apple iOS and Android software devices. Bluetooth, and API to notify users of potential exposure. Stopp Corona: Austrian Red Cross. (2020) Accessed 22 June 2020.
Australia COVIDSafe app. Available on Apple iOS and Android devices. Bluetooth technology that notes the date, time, distance and duration of contact with other users. Users are notified of potential exposure. Australian Government, Department of Health: COVIDSafe App. Accessed 22 June 2020.
China Close contact detector app. Provides users with unique QR codes. Interfaces with other widely-used apps such as WeChat, Alipay and QQ. XinhuaNet: China introduces novel coronavirus close contact detection app. (2020). Accessed 8 May 2020.
Germany Corona-Warn app. Voluntary download; available on Apple iOS and Android software devices. Bluetooth API technology to scan identification codes on nearby phones. Notification to user upon exposure to proximal code. Corona-Warn-App Open Source Project. (2020) Accessed 22 June 2020.
Ghana GH Covid-19 Tracker app. Available by voluntary download for Apple iOS and Android software devices. Bluetooth and GPS technology, geographically enabled features, which provides detailed information on event, location after potential exposure. Ministry of Communications, Ghana: Launch of GH COVID-19 tracker app. Accesed 26 April 2020.
Singapore TraceTogether app. Widely received among citizenry (70% support). Operates under Bluetooth technology. Government of Singapore:TraceTogether Singapore. (2020). Accessed 26 April 2020.
Switzerland SwissCovid app. Available from 25 June 2020 for Apple iOS and Android software devices. Voluntary download. Bluetooth technology recording previous users in close contact. Cantonal authorities notify other users of exposure. Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH): New coronavirus: SwissCovid app and contact tracing.
(2020). Accessed 22 June 2020.