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Table 1 China’s Official Development Assistance to Global Anti-Pandemic Efforts

From: China’s global engagement to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic


Assisted the WHO in purchasing personal protective equipment and establishing reserve centers of supplies in China;

Participated in the WHO’s “Access to COVID-19 Tools (act) Accelerator” initiative, aiming to speed up the development, production and equitable distribution of new tools;

Exported protective materials to 200 countries and regions, among which there were more than 70.6 billion masks, 340 million protective suits, 115 million pairs of goggles, 96,700 ventilators, 225 million test kits, and 40.29 million infrared thermometers.

Cash support

Two batches of cash support totaling $50 million to the WHO;

Helped WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to raise funds in China; $2 billion to the international community within 2 years;

Capacity building

29 medical expert teams were sent to 27 countries;

Medical teams stationed in 56 countries supported the local fight, and provided counseling and health information to local people and overseas Chinese, organizing over 400 online and offline training sessions;

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