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Table 4 Incremental time of healthcare providers in CVD management cases

From: Estimated cost for cardiovascular disease risk-based management at a primary healthcare center in Nepal

Clinical encounterTime per case per year (minutes)Patients needing services annuallyTime to treat the population per year (minutes)
First visit-clinical exam5086543250
First visit-risk profiling4081532640
Management for risk < 10%0556602832
Management for risk 10–20% with high blood pressure101060600600
Management for risk 10–20% with high cholesterol101060600600
Management for risk 20–30%101052520520
Management for risk > 30%20207715401540
Management of diabetic patients202029580580
Annual incremental time (minutes)11,4296675
Annual incremental time (workdays)b28.516.7
  1. aPhysician provides medical treatment and nurse conducts counselling sessions
  2. bAnnual incremental time calculated based on healthcare staff members working 40 h per week and 6 days a week