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Table 5 Annual cost of treatment disaggregated by service type

From: Estimated cost for cardiovascular disease risk-based management at a primary healthcare center in Nepal

ServicesPhysician’s encounterLaboratory TestsaCounsellingaDrugsaAnnual cost per caseb
First visit-clinical exam26.2600026.260.25
First visit-risk profiling21.01210.2500231.262.24
plus additional cost for management of patients in each risk categories
 risk < 10%0019.10019.100.18
 risk 10–20% with high blood pressure52.52038.203149.043239.7631.34
 risk 10–20% with high cholesterol52.5240038.203931.054321.7741.81
 risk 20–30%52.5276038.207463.348054.0677.92
 risk > 30%105.04116076.407463.348444.7881.70
plus additional cost for
 Diabetes management79.2878076.405413.066194.5059.93
  1. aAll prices are in NPR unless mentioned otherwise
  2. b1 USD = 103.36 NPR