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Table 6 Annual cost of treatment for a population of 10,000 people at 50% coverage

From: Estimated cost for cardiovascular disease risk-based management at a primary healthcare center in Nepal

Services and treatmentUnit cost (NPR)Target PopulationTotal Cost
First visit-medical examination26.2686522,715220
First visit-risk profiling231.26815188,7081826
 risk < 10%19.1056610,830105
 risk 10–20% with high blood pressure3239.7660194,3861881
 risk 10–20% with high cholesterol4321.7760259,3062509
 risk 20–30%8054.0652418,8114052
 risk > 30%8444.7877650,2486291
Management of diabetic patients6194.5029179,6411738
Total cost 1,924,64518,621
  1. 1 USD = 103.36 NPR