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Table 2 City weights in the synthetic Wuhan

From: Does city lockdown prevent the spread of COVID-19? New evidence from the synthetic control method

City Weight City Weight City Weight City Weight
Panel A: population inflows
Beijing 0.022 Xiamen 0.320 Guangzhou 0.083 Chengdu 0.236
Jinan 0.277 Ganzhou 0.061     
Panel B: population outflows
Beijing 0.109 Guangzhou 0.042 Chengdu 0.198 Jinan 0.651
Panel C: the growth rate of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases
Beijing 0.362 Guangzhou 0.003 Chengdu 0.003 Shenzhen 0.038
Wenzhou 0.003 Zhanjiang 0.031 Zhuhai 0.004 Zhengzhou 0.003
  1. Note: The remaining cities not listed in Panel A or Panel B were assigned 0 weights, while the cities not listed in Panel C were assigned 0.002 weights