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Table 1 Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) recommended student learning objectives in global health [7]

From: Global health education for the post-pandemic years: parity, people, planet, priorities, and practices

# Learning OBJECTIVE
1 Describe the history, values, and functions of global health
2 Explain how travel, trade, and other aspects of globalization contribute to health, disease, and health disparities
3 Summarize the social, economic, cultural, and political contributors to individual and population health
4 Examine the connections between human health and environmental health, including considerations of water, sanitation, air quality, urbanization, and ecosystem health
5 Discuss the relationship between human rights and global health
6 Compare the financing and delivery of medical care in countries with different types of health systems and different income levels
7 Evaluate the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of the agencies and organizations involved in financing and implementing public health interventions locally and internationally
8 Compare the burden of disease, disability, and death from infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies, maternal and perinatal conditions, noncommunicable diseases, mental health disorders, and injuries in countries with different income levels
9 Identify evidence-based, cost-effective, sustainable interventions for promoting health and preventing illness across the lifespan from the prenatal period through older adulthood
10 Apply an interdisciplinary or interprofessional lens to the evaluation of policies and interventions that seek to solve major population health concerns and achieve health equity